Exploring Veganuary

Happy Belated New Year! December passed us by in a flash. Moving on top of Christmas with 2 small children in tow was busy and frankly, quite fraught. In the end, our move went smoothly and we settled pretty quickly. We’re really enjoying the extra space and it’s exciting to have a new project to get our teeth into. The Christmas holiday was a wonderful time together as a family: lots of leisurely breakfasts, lie-ins, cosy afternoons and days out. Most exciting, the girls now have a pet guinea pig each, Hopscotch and Rabbit. 2017 was quite a year for us.

IMG_7512.JPGCheers! A new home at Christmas. Tiring but wonderful and very, very worthwhile.

Yet, the demands of both making home and decisions about where to start have been a little bewildering at times on top of Blue January. January has been full of snot, illness, tiredness, back to work and school malaise and grumbles. I don’t think we’re New Year people in our house. So overall, a bit of a mixed start to the year.

New Year’s resolutions don’t suit me. I’ve tried and failed many times over the years. This year, I decided to choose a word for 2018. During the last week of December I used Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word 2018 to define my own word for 2018. As life is at a bit of a new chapter, blank page place for me with lots of big decisions and life events ticked off, and a big empty space ahead, I came to the word “explore”.

The first thing I’m exploring in 2018 is veganism. On New Year’s Eve I decided that I would definitely take part in Veganuary. Today is day 14, nearly half way through, and mostly it’s been fine. I’ve had a few hick-ups: a pizza with no cheese but anchovies (I still have no idea how I missed that one – I picked them all off when I realised); white wine, which may have had egg (sulphites) in it; a jacket potato ordered in a cafe that possibly had butter on it. In the grand scheme of things, they’re quite small mistakes. I can’t imagine that everyone is a perfect vegan over night! I’ve been surprised at how many everyday foods are already vegan, and I’ve discovered some new dishes, which I’ll definitely add into my weekly food plan in the future. Wicked Healthy’s Wicked Awesome Sauce for Mac and Cheeze has been a firm favourite.

And whilst I haven’t really struggled with a vegan diet, I have really, really missed milk, eggs and cheese on a couple of days. I’m also not sure how easily I would transition to a fully vegan lifestyle without leather shoes or wool jumpers. I also question how environmentally friendly and ethical some vegan substitutes are and I’m completely dismayed by how many vegan food products contain palm oil. I’m glad I’ve explored it as a lifestyle option, I’m planning to see Veganuary through and I’ll definitely add more vegan days into my diet after January. I may even give up meat altogether.

How is your January going? Did you set any resolutions or choose a word? Are you or have you ever been vegan? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Exploring Veganuary

  1. good luck with veganuary! I have tons of vegan advice blogs, and im doing a blog post daily for veganuary! I also need to try that delicious sauce! x Glad the move went well


  2. I’d like to do a vegan diet too, I’ve pretty much swapped everything else in my life to be vegan. I absolutely love cheese & milk but I like soy milk too.


    1. I do love a milky tea but actually there are loads of awesome nut milks too (lots of soya milk really doesn’t agree with me). I’ve had almond milk and oat milk lattes when out, oat milk in my tea at home and soya and oat cream substitutes for puddings. Cheese is a tricky one isn’t it. Nothing else tastes like real cheese. We have violife here in the UK, which seems to be ok as a replacement but is obviously a substitute.


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