Dry Skin Be Gone!

The Beast from the East is playing havoc with my skin this week. Not that it was in great condition to start with. Cold weather, central heating, cleaning products and anti-bacterial hand washes have all taken their part in drying out my skin this winter. My hands are super dry and crepey and my face is red and itchy if I’m not tending to them regularly through the day.

Here are the products I’ve been using to soothe my irritated, cracked, dry itchy skin.

Weleda Skin Food

It’s a great multi-tasker. I use it as a hand cream, intensive night cream, lip balm, cuticle cream and heel salve. There isn’t anything it can’t moisturise effectively. The Husband uses it a lot too. A household staple.

Mádara Daily Defence Cream

This is an even richer balm. This is the ultimate for cracked skin. I’ve really up’d my use of this over the past few days. I don’t usually use it as liberally as Skin Food because I find it too rich for everyday use. It’s amazing on cracked skin, especially hands. It’s super gentle too. I’ve been using this on my face for the first time this week and it’s the only product that’s stopped my face from itching in the freezing cold weather.

Earth Mother Soul Sister’s Arnica and Chamomile Eye Cream Plus and Antipode’s Rejoice Light Day Cream

I’m using Earth Mother Soul Sister’s eye cream as an all over face serum and as an eye cream with the Antipodes moisturiser on top every morning and night. These 2 creams work a treat on my combination skin. Neither product is too heavy on my t-zone, the eye cream plus has reduced my eye bags and both help calm my cheeks. I’ve just run out of the eye cream and will be replacing it soon.

Herbfarmacy’s Lip Nurse

This is a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant everyday lip balm and salve. I’d highly recommend it as a must-have essential for any time of year. I’ve used this on all the family and even on cracked sore noses during our spell of back to back colds in January. It’s the only product that didn’t sting my daughter’s nose and helped it to heal during a particularly bad cold. Packed full of nurturing and moisturising ingredients plus lemon balm and tea tree oil. This is certified organic (COSMOS) and has a yummy neutral taste.

Mádara Instant Moisture + Radiance Hydra Mask

I’ve slathered on Mádara’s SOS face mask before bed a couple of times recently, and this has made a huge difference. My skin has been noticeably softer in the morning and much easier to apply make-up to.

And lastly I’ve been drinking lots more water, eating loads more veggies and drinking a lot less alcohol. As I get older, I’m definitely noticing that lifestyle factors are having more of an effect on my skin. Sob.

What are your favourite products during winter? Do you find your skin cracks or is super dry or itchy? Does anything in particular irritate your skin? I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve looked at the ingredients in these products whilst writing the blog and not all of them are suitable for vegans. They are all green beauty products and most are certified organic by either the Soil Association or Ecocert. None have been tested on animals. As you know, I took part in Veganuary, which has made me examine everything I consume much more closely. I’m finding that a fully vegan lifestyle is much more challenging than I’d originally thought. I’m going to be looking into vegan skincare products soon.

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