Sunny Times

What a beautiful day! I can’t believe we’ve had such gorgeous, warm, sunny weather today. What a treat after such a long, dreary winter.

The gorgeous view from our garden out across the stunning South Downs. Just beautiful on a warm spring day like today.

And to celebrate the sun, I’ve brought out my summer wardrobe. Yay! If you’ve been reading along for a while, you’ll know that this is no more impressive than a handful of garments for hotter than average British weather (anything above 18oC). So, not a lot in other words. Yet despite the spartan contents I’m relishing The Summer Drawer.

Today, I’m wearing my favourite summer dress from last year, a hand embroidered People Tree dress and I’ve teamed it with my battered peachy nude Veja trainers, bright pink Dr. Hauschka lipstick (so much love for this ultra creamy, glossy lipstick – shade 06 Azalea), massive sunnies by ethical sunglasses brand Pala and ancient brown leather Alexa Mulberry bag (it’s no-longer available, no longer fashionable, definitely not ethical but it’s my very well-loved guilty pleasure).

The accessories – ancient Mulberry handbag, massive sunnies, perfect lippy and battered trainers. 

Tadaaathe outfit – albeit at the end of a long day. But look, it’s still light and warm at 8pm!

In amongst the clothes in the Summer Drawer were a few items that don’t fit me or my capsule and they don’t spark joy either so it’s not worth altering them. Luckily, the awesomely inspiring girls behind Brighton based Revival Collective are putting on one of their Anti-Sweatshop Swap Shops for Fashion Revolution Week next week. I’m really hoping to make it along this time. I’m also going to be talking at the Fair Shop next Tuesday as a part of their Fashion Revolution event. There are some really interesting topics of conversation lined up and I can’t wait to meet some new faces and chew the fat on some of the bigger ethical fashion and lifestyle themes.

I do have one more thing to share: I’ve decided to give up drinking alcohol. I’m now teetotal. This is huge news. I’m switching the warm fuzzies of evening wine induced relaxation with clear headed early rise and shine sobriety. I’m 2 weeks in. And I’m loving it. It’s not been easy. I’ll admit that. Booze has been my long time partner-in-crime, social lubricant, instant relaxant and anxiety smasher. But it’s not working for my mind, body or soul any more. Don’t worry it’s not something I’m going to bang on about because it’s something that’s deeply personal to me and a little bit complicated. And being evangelical or judgemental isn’t really my stick. I’m starting out by doing 100 days sober and then we’ll see. I’m already feeling sunnier on the inside. And who doesn’t like a bit of authentic warmth. Sunny times indeed.

Succulents, mandala, limited edition print by Brighton based artist Mark Charlton in place of all the booze on my former gin shelf. And tonight’s teetotal tipple: fair trade and organic Karma Cola.

And no. I’m not pregnant. Or trying. Before you ask. Rude.

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