Just add water

Powder skincare products are great. Here are the main pros:

  1. Less or zero preservatives, with a longer shelf life than “wet” products.
  2. Conventional wet products contain water; dry products don’t.  Why pay for water?
  3. You can tailor-make bespoke skincare for your skin’s needs – thin paste, thick paste, combined with water, yoghurt, honey, oil, flower water or even cleanser.
  4. Convenient for travelling. Easily decanted; allowed in carry on luggage.

I love mixing up a mask. It’s much more satisfying than squeezing out of a tube or scooping out of a jar. I’ve found the easiest way to mix up a powder product is in a bowl with a spoon. I use equal parts product to water, as a general rule of thumb and adjust as necessary. I could do with a face mask brush, it’s on my wish list.

Measure it out and stir it up. Keep it simple and keep mess to a minimum. 

You can mix products in your hand but it can get messy and it’s really hard to control water from running through your fingers. It’s easier to do with a thicker mixer like yogurt or honey. It’s still messy though! I much prefer mixing things up in a bowl.

7A53B1E8-41D8-4F58-8C02-0C46930EC2DEDr. Alkaitis Organic Universal Mask mixed up in my hand with local organic raw honey. 

The powder masks I’ve tried dry out on the skin and can feel quite tight because they contain clay. I’ve found a spritz of toner really helps if a mask becomes uncomfortable.

Here are 3 powder skincare products I’ve tried and would recommend:

Skin and Tonic Gentle Scrub – £18 (50g)

I’m a HUGE fan of Skin & Tonic products. Their range of organic skincare is reasonably priced and works. Their lip balms are delicious and fantastically nourishing; their calm balm is a beautiful texture and smells gorgeous – like being enveloped in cloud of relaxation. Most of their products carry the Soil Association logo and all of their products are made from no more than 7 ingredients. I’d highly recommend a browse if you’re looking for any new skincare.

The Gentle Scrub is primarily an exfoliator but can be used in a few different ways. Most of their products are multi-taskers, another reason to love them. Add a little water to half a tea-spoon of the granules for a face scrub; or mix with honey or yoghurt to make a revitalising face mask. You can also add a little to your cleanser for a more gentle exfoliation.

Corinne Taylor Calming Face Mask – £16.95 (35g)

Corinne Taylor products are organic, handmade in small batches in Brighton and made to a really high standard. My friend bought this mask for me and it really was the perfect present. This is the only Corinne Taylor product I’ve tried and I’ve been really impressed. I’ve got my eye on some bath salts to try next. The Recharge Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts sound divine.

I can’t get over the smell of this mask. It’s insanely good and lingers in a really nice way. Lavender and chamomile make this lovely mask the perfect skin soothing self-care mask before bed or to help relax on a Sunday morning. I like to put mine on in the bath with a big mug of luke warm chamomile tea to hand. Bliss.

Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask – £35 (25g)

Sample sachet, measuring spoon and Raw Brighton and Hove honey. All you need for a lovely home facial. 

Dr. Alkaitis is a luxe organic brand and this mask is much more expensive than the others mentioned above. I chose a small sample from Content Beauty as part of a larger order last year. I haven’t bought a full size pot because I’ve got other masks to use up first so I’ve only tried this a couple of times. But it delivered on the occasions I used it. I made a note that it was really good at evening out my skin tone and leaving my skin feeling really soft. It’s packed with loads of good stuff and I mixed it with honey for a more indulgent skincare treat.

Have you tried powder skincare products? What do you mix your products with? Do you have a preference over wet or dry products? What does your self-care regime look like? 

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