Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday today.

But did you know that blue Monday was invented in 2005 by Sky Travel Shop? A television channel dedicated to selling holidays?

Like many other “days” it’s a gimmick to get you shopping. Blue Monday in my opinion is a load of old nonsense.

January is an all-round tricky month. There are lots of potential triggers for depression or anxiety: Christmas is a distant memory, it’s cold and dark, it’s not quite pay day, New Years resolutions are gathering dust and you may be expecting a big credit card bill any day now.

I’m not immune to wallowing in the blues. Sometimes it feels cathartic to go with it. But it’s so much better to try and Get Happy. I’m usually able to lift myself a little bit even on the darkest days.

Here are my best tips for banishing the blues and finding a little more happiness on sad days.

  1. Exercise – this is my number one. A walk, a swim, a Zumba class, yoga, whatever you like doing best. Just do it!

  2. Smile – even if you’re feeling rubbish. If you can smile at someone else, all the better.

  3. Eat something delicious and nourishing. I love homemade soup in winter.

  4. Practice gratitude – it’s easy to get wrapped up in what you don’t have or what you want. Take a moment to reflect on what you do have and what you’re most thankful for. Think about what you have that you once dreamed of having.

  5. Ignore negative news and read some positive news stories instead. Positive News Magazine is a great place to start.

  6. Watch a comedy, listen to a funny podcast or create an uplifting playlist of your favourite songs.

  7. Call a friend or relative for a chat.

  8. Cuddle a loved one or stroke a pet.

  9. Be kind – doing something nice for someone is a sure fire way to feel better, any small random act of kindness counts. Being kind is proven to boost serotonin, oxytocin, reduce stress and anxiety.

  10. Clean your windows – this is my favourite piece of advice from The Husband. You don’t have to clean your windows, choose a small, simple chore. Something that won’t take too long and will make a difference. It should be something that you’ll see, hence, clean your windows. If you’re feeling really down achieving one small task will make you feel epic.

A warm Happy Monday from me. Hope you have a great day 😘.

What do you do to beat the blues? Do you struggle with January? What are your favourite random acts of kindness? What will you do for you today?

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