Hi, I’m Katie. Welcome to my lifestyle blog, Practically Ethical.

There was a brilliant quote in Positive News Magazine last year, “be engaged, not enraged”. This really struck a chord. To stop being so angry, get off your behind and do something! I love this so much.

Many people who “do” ethical or sustainable living like to call it The Simple Life. This is not at all what I’ve found. I’ve found it to be The Complicated And Confusing Life. If I can achieve anything with this blog, it would be to find a practical way of being ethical. It may not be the most puritanical way, it may sometimes rub up against your own ethical position, but it will hopefully be a great and achievable compromise. Or maybe the seeds of a fruitful discussion.

I love the idea of community so if you have any thoughts, please share. You can comment on my posts or you can contact me here,

I took part in Labour Behind the Labels Six Item Challenge for Lent 2017. I wrote a whole other blog about the challenge. You can read it here. I loved raising money for the charity; I was so proud to be #5 on the top fundraiser board. I enjoyed running a micro-capsule wardrobe. Keeping a diary-style blog alongside the challenge reignited my love of writing. I met lots of new and inspirational people. I felt engaged in something worthwhile and continue to feel passionately about the cause. I’m more informed about ethical and sustainable fashion than I’ve ever been, and yet more confused too. The challenge has a lot to answer for; it was a life changing experience for me. I want to carry on learning and living more mindfully. I want to carry on writing.

And the specifics? Well, I hate to say it, I’m another one of those 30-something, stay-at-home mum bloggers. I have two feisty, noisy and hilarious daughters. I’m married to a brilliant man. I enjoy baking, reading, toasted marshmallows, looking at the stars, and trying to understand philosophy. I love a good Netflix boxset marathon. I’m a fan of internet shopping and Pinterest.  I hope to re-kindle my love of art house and indie cinema and listening to vinyl at some point. I’m pro slow fashion, pro organic living and so pro sleep. I’m a feminist. I’ve recently decided to give up booze; I tentatively call myself teetotal. My daily needs are generally met by strong coffee, humous, social media and dry humour.

I hate laundry; yet this also seems to be my super power. I’ve had two careers, abandoned in the mists of time and I’m currently wrangling future career options alongside doing the mum thing.