Dry Skin Be Gone!

The Beast from the East is playing havoc with my skin this week. Not that it was in great condition to start with. Cold weather, central heating, cleaning products and anti-bacterial hand washes have all taken their part in drying out my skin this winter. My hands are super dry and crepey and my face … More Dry Skin Be Gone!

Exploring Veganuary

Happy Belated New Year! December passed us by in a flash. Moving on top of Christmas with 2 small children in tow was busy and frankly, quite fraught. In the end, our move went smoothly and we settled pretty quickly. We’re really enjoying the extra space and it’s exciting to have a new project to … More Exploring Veganuary

Black Friday

Black Friday feels like a pretty recent phenomenon here in the UK. It’s traditionally an American thing. Today is Thanksgiving in America and tomorrow is the unofficial first day of the Christmas season. And thanks to capitalism’s greasy little paws what better way to kick off Christmas than to have a great big filthy sale … More Black Friday