Just Another T-Shirt

I’ve just completed Fashion Revolution’s 3-week course, Who Made My Clothes?, run by the University of Exeter. The course was structured on Fashion Revolution’s mantra: Be Curious, Find Out, Do Something and was jam-packed with articles, exercises and peer discussions. Each week finished with a Q&A video including questions from learners and answers from the … More Just Another T-Shirt

Practically Ethical’s Top Finds – Late Spring 2018

I’ve been inspired to start a regular Top Finds series after watching a few Mummy Vlogs last week (don’t judge – Thursday was my first child-free morning in 2 weeks after half-term and vlogs help ease the boredom of pairing socks and picking up toys). It struck me how much stuff is being flogged in … More Practically Ethical’s Top Finds – Late Spring 2018