Just add water

Powder skincare products are great. Here are the main pros: Less or zero preservatives, with a longer shelf life than “wet” products. Conventional wet products contain water; dry products don’t.  Why pay for water? You can tailor-make bespoke skincare for your skin’s needs – thin paste, thick paste, combined with water, yoghurt, honey, oil, flower … More Just add water

Practically Ethical’s Top Finds – Late Spring 2018

I’ve been inspired to start a regular Top Finds series after watching a few Mummy Vlogs last week (don’t judge – Thursday was my first child-free morning in 2 weeks after half-term and vlogs help ease the boredom of pairing socks and picking up toys). It struck me how much stuff is being flogged in … More Practically Ethical’s Top Finds – Late Spring 2018

Weighing it up

I’ve started to feel a bit podgy recently. A weigh in at the gym a couple of weeks ago and a now very tight pair of old chinos confirmed that my feelings about being a little bit more portly around the middle were right. These lovely Aubin & Wills chinos are 6 years old. Aubin & … More Weighing it up